Why you need a complete Linkedin profile

  • Why you need a complete Linkedin profile

    An Incomplete Linkedin Profile Says More Than You Think

    An incomplete Linkedin profile tells people things that are negative about you. People are looking for you and what you have to offer. They do care even if you don’t . Recruiters, employers, decision makers, potential clients, current customers and more are looking at your profile 24/7.

    Having an Incomplete Profile is a Big Turn Off

    Your social media profile is your first impression. You don’t want it to be
    your first bad impression because it will be the lasting impression that stays on people’s minds. It also stays on the Internet.

    Even if you’re happy with your job and don’t care who’s looking at you on Linkedin (or online or at other social media networks), you don’t want to appear unprofessional, secretive and uncaring. Most professional, effective people have professional current photos with constantly updated content. They have a complete profile.

    If you don’t have an engaging story with keywords, updated experience and skills, complete dates and locations, recommendations and referrals then it’s time to make the effort. People are looking at your profile and it really does say a lot about you. Recruiters are constantly using Linkedin to extend invitations for interviews. Potential customers use Linkedin to see if you’re the real deal and why they should go with you versus your competitors.

    Do you have a complete profile? Does your Linkedin profile answer the number question on people’s minds: Who are you and what can you do for me? Does your profile tell who you are and what you offer in a benefits-listing way with the right keywords? Is it complete with a professional photo, attention-grabbing clear headlines, work history, work experience, skills, dates, locations, contact information, achievements and success story? Is it creative, informative and beneficial to your connections and followers? Does it make people want to connect, follow and contact you?

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