Five reasons your business needs social media

  • Five reasons your business needs social media

    Social media is the way people prefer to connect and communicate with businesses because this allows them to gain trust. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. This is because you allow your target audience to participate in your brand and you’re interacting with them. If you are active on social media and can consistently post things of value, respond to questions, comment and share what your connections post and just totally be involved, your followers will share your services/products. It’s a snowball effect.

    Not having an active social media presence is like not having a professional, engaging website. Yet there are still many people who don’t use social media and are still asking if they really need it. Yes, your business needs social media!

    1. Social media posts drives targeted traffic.

    When you create a new page at your website, you want to promote all the work that you just
    did. By posting this new page on social media accounts, you’re driving your target audience to
    your site. They also want to see new content from you. Having a website just isn’t enough.
    You have to add new pages and content often. And because the people’s preferred method of
    being a part of your brand and community is through social media, frequent posts will bring you
    traffic. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more have skyrocketed visitors to
    webpages compared to the number of visitors without the use of social media.

    2. Social media boosts your website’s SEO.

    Social media allows you to have an incredible content strategy which causes search engine
    crawlers to keep visiting your site’s pages. This is because they know which pages are getting
    lots of traffic and which ones aren’t. Having a top notch content strategy for SEO allows you to earn top spots which helps you to climb higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
    Now who doesn’t want to be ranked at the top on Google and other search engines?




    3. Social media will lead to real relationships and action.

    People are choosing social media such as Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and more as their preferred method to connect and interact so why wouldn’t you want to use this tool? Consumers, business leaders, employers, decision makers and more are using this tool as it’s so effective for getting and sharing updates. You can get insights into the daily lives of individuals and businesses and they can do the same with what you have to offer. Learn about what your target audience and competitors are doing and buying and the reasons why. You
    can create a very effective marketing strategy from all this knowledge plus allow others to share your brand. You do the same for them as well. It’s a win-win as it builds brand loyalty.

    4. Users are more receptive because they view social media as socializing.
    No one wants to be sold to all the time. People don’t like to be approached with a sales pitch
    and often times, businesses don’t want to approach with a sales pitch only to be rejected time
    and time again. Because users view Facebook, Twitter and more as social networks, not
    marketing methods, they’re more likely to listen to what you have to say. This is quite different
    than an advertisement. And if you do a good job on social media, they’ll even comment,
    retweet, share and take action as you earn their trust.
    5. Problems can be dealt with immediately.
    People will use social media to let others know when there’s a problem with a product or
    service. They’re going to shout it out to the world. Don’t you want to be there to resolve the
    issues right away? You’ll be able to take action to fix the problem and let the world know that you’re doing so. This will prove that you care about your customers and that you listen to them.


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