What is digital PR?

  • What is digital PR?

    Digital PR is the combination of traditional PR with the new tactics of social media, content marketing and other processes using the Internet and technology. Traditional PR involves many diverse processes such as press releases and their distribution; press outreach with television, radio and newspapers; sponsorships, coordinating events, crisis communications, trade shows and more is still very important. Traditional public relations usually lead to brand awareness because the news and ads are static.

    Digital PR is more focused on building relationships, trust and being on top of the search engines and social media rankings. Using digital public relations involves content marketing, networking, connecting and engaging with top players/influencers online. Bloggers, recruiters and those who are very active on social media help deliver the branding and messages of digital PR specialists. The tactics of both lead to brand awareness, engagement and taking action. Not just brand awareness.


    By combining both digital pr and traditional pr, you can turn static news into engaging conversations that have faster, more effective reach and results. This is because people will be involved in the brand and community that you’re building. They’ll be able to bypass the large media and big wigs to comment as they wish. As creating a dialogue with people instead of just throwing ads and/or news out there, you’re earning their trust which leads to action. The action may be that they share what you put out and/or take the action that you want them to take. Either way, you’re getting getting them to take action.

    Instead of asking which should I use – traditional PR or digital PR? The answer is both! News spreads faster, further and more directly to your first and secondary audiences and is shared by them so your traditional PR tactics such as events, television ads, sponsorships, trade shows, etc. can be accomplished and be more successful.

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