How to post on business social media

  • How to post on business social media

    What should your online presence and content tell people about your business?

    There’s no question that the internet is a powerful tool. But learning how to make your social media work for you can prove to be a steep learning curve for some. People are using apps and social media pages daily to create new connections and more value for their brands, so why is it so difficult for you to do the same?

    If your current efforts are not amounting to being worthwhile it’s time to re-think your online strategy or lack thereof.



    Everyone online is looking for the same thing. That common denominator successful brands give their followers online is VALUE. Learning how to use your social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to help and teach people in your niche will ultimately give you the organization skills and effective strategies to create value for yourself while you create it for others daily.

    Taking the time to do more than “fill in the blanks” for online profiles is what creates value followers. Followers need to see value to recognize you as unique and follow worthy.

    How to use social media for leads:

    The biggest mistake you can make online is is being too self focused or salesy. Social media isn’t a place to try and sell your products (even though many pages can do this with ease with the right strategy). Because social media is less of a place where people are in a buying mood, they spend their time on social media interacting with pages that provide value by entertaining, instructing, teaching, sharing, shocking and otherwise contributing constant valuable posts to followers rather than selling services or products.

    If you don’t know what your social media bio or post should say, consider the features and benefits of what you do and what you’re passionate about.

    How do those things help other people? Why should other people care? Your social media pages needs to be actively communicating value and representing your value for people.Because the easiest way to get sales from your social media is by using what you’re passionate about to add value to others.

    Helping other people with your pages and content with ultimately better establish your brand online as the expert for your industry. Using content and content strategy creates a better connection that is highly visible to entire communities of people. Regardless of industry or niche your business pages can show people who you are and what you do for others in a strategic way.

    What is content management and strategy?

    Rather than using your social media to peddle products you should be teaching people from unique content you create that adds value for them. For example by showing someone how to do something you establish value and expertise in the eyes of your followers. Your curated and original posts entice followers and encourage them to learn from who you are and what you do online and to respond to your call to actions. Content like how to articles, photos, top lists, tutorials and curated content from your niche can be an amazing tool to generate new leads.

    What should you post on social media?

    Most brands spend a lot of time, money and effort on things they only THINK represents their value. For example spending $5k on a custom designed website seems like a smart investment, but unless you know who will benefit from using that site you won’t gain new interests or traffic. Social media is a low cost way of trying different types of posting and hashtags to discover what people actually care about. Social media provides analytics and insights and allow you to hone in on what’s working and cut out what’s not.

    If you are tired of watching others grow online while you struggle to find purpose try following people relevant to you and observing what they post over time. What posts do people respond to? What posts stand out to you? What do you agree and disagree with?

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