How To: Social Media Content Sales Strategy

  • How To: Social Media Content Sales Strategy

    Your social media is an opportunity to connect with a target audience and gain massive mutual value.

    The right way to promote your social media is more than just signing up for Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook. Selling people online requires trust and value between followers and companies.

    The most important thing to do when setting up social media pages is focus on your intent. Rather than briefly filling out info, you should also be finding ways to post relevant content that your target audience will care about because creating value is the key to creating customers.

    The factors that determine your success and social media traffic are the same regardless of your niche or industry. It’s about teaching people and giving them valuable content that focuses on their benefit. Below are a few of the other important factors that will make or break your social media traffic.

    Be Relevant

    This factor online can greatly affect the amount of new traffic you see from your social pages. Without looking relevant or specific to a niche audience on a given platform, you actually hurt your chances of being perceived as worth following or sharing. Existing partly on many social media platforms is less effective than becoming the expert for just one. Discovering how you can help people and creating content unique to them is how become relevant to followers. Establishing the basics of who you are and what you do for others are crucial in creating content, captions, keywords and hashtags that are appropriate for the customers you want to attract.

    A few other things to consider prior to setting up social media pages or posting:

    -What are your keywords and hashtags?

    -What are your features, benefits and customer incentives?

    -Who is your primary and secondary target audiences?

    -What are your most frequently asked questions?

    -What are your main call to actions?

    What to post

    Knowing what to post comes down to solving problems for others. Posting original how to articles, lists or other educational articles is a great way to create value for your followers. At the same time following and posting what other popular pages post helps grow your page too.

    Remember to think of the problems you solve for people and provide them easy to use solutions or expert advice. The more organization you have at the beginning the more value you will ultimately create from your online marketing. By focusing on solving problems for people, you create a closer connection with followers. Focus on establishing value with your posts and ultimately you’ll create leads and sales related questions.

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